How to Set Academic Time Periods for Student Enrollment on eduSYMS

Setting up academic periods in eduSYMS is a crucial step for managing the academic calendar and enabling student enrollment processes. This guide will walk you through the steps to configure terms and semesters within eduSYMS, ensuring you can enroll students and issue Enrollment letters efficiently.


  • Administrator access to the eduSYMS platform.
  • Academic calendar dates for the current or upcoming academic year.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Accessing Time-Periods & Schedules:

    • Log in to your eduSYMS dashboard with administrative credentials.
    • In the main menu, navigate to the 'Administration' tab.
    • From the drop-down list, click on 'Time-Periods & Schedules'.
  2. Editing Terms:

    • Under 'Time-Periods & Schedules', you will find options for 'Time Periods (Semesters, Trimesters etc)'.
    • Click on 'Edit period' and select 'Edit terms' from the sub-menu to bring up the editing interface.
  3. Configuring Terms:

    • A modal window titled 'Edit Terms for 2024' will appear.
    • You will see fields for the Period Title, Admin opens, Classes start, Classes end, Admin Closes, and Publish Exams.
    • Fill in the relevant dates for each term, ensuring they match your institution's academic calendar.
    • Check the 'Publish Exams' box if you wish to make exam results available after the term ends.
    • Click 'Update' to save each term's settings.
  4. Editing Semesters:

    • Repeat the process for semesters by selecting 'Edit semesters' from the 'Edit period' drop-down menu.
    • Enter the corresponding dates for semester start and end, admin opening and closing, and exam publication options.
    • Save your changes by clicking 'Update'.
  5. Verification:

    • After updating the terms and semesters, verify the accuracy of the dates.
    • Ensure that the 'Publish Exams' option is selected as per your institution's policy for displaying results.
  6. Enrollment and Communication:

    • With the terms and semesters set, you can proceed to enroll students for the respective academic periods.
    • Once enrolled, you can generate and send out Enrollment letters to the students.
  7. Troubleshooting:

    • If you encounter issues with enrollment after setting the academic periods, review the dates for any inconsistencies.
    • Ensure that there is no overlap between the terms or semesters that may cause conflicts in the system.

Conclusion: Properly setting up academic periods in eduSYMS is essential for a smooth enrollment process and timely communication with students and parents. By following the steps outlined above, administrators can effectively manage the academic calendar and uphold the institution's operational standards.

Support: Should you require further assistance or encounter any specific issues, please contact eduSYMS support at [email protected], and we will be happy to help you.