Walkthrough the student billing functions available through the student account menu.

Welcome to the Student Billing video tutorial.


In this video, I'll walk you through the student billing functions available through the student account menu.


Let us begin.


Navigate to Administration, then Student Billing, and finally Student Accounts.


Select a student from the dropdown menu, or type in the student name, ID number, or student number; alternatively, scan the barcode on the student's ID card to open the student record you want to work on.


There are functions like "View/Manage Details" on the left of the displayed record below the profile picture that allow you to view the student's enrollment records. You can send an SMS or a WhatsApp message to the parents or the main account holder just below the summary of students' details.


At the top of the account statement window, you can also close, reload, and select the year of enrollment.


A dropdown student billing menu on your top right provides options for statements, transactions, invoices, payments, credit notes, debit notes, schedules, and email.


The balance indicator will show a negative balance in red and a positive balance in green beneath the heading account statement.


You can print or email the account statement from the far right of the same row.


To return to the student account billing main page, select statement from the students' records menu.


On the bottom right, just after the account ageing table, there is a green button labeled "Rerun," which allows you to recalculate and balance the account.


Thank you for your time. See you in the next video, and remember to like, subscribe, and enable notifications on our YouTube channel.

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